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Free Stuff To Do In Las Vegas

Free Stuff in Las Vegas

You don’t have to be a big spender or even win big to enjoy Las Vegas. Instead, challenge yourself to discover some of the free attractions Sin City has to offer. There are at least 10 worthy spots that we recommend – drop us a line if there are any others you know of that we should include!


Bellagio Fountains

The Bellagio Fountains are a staple of any Vegas sightseeing trip, so don’t miss out on this famous water attraction. In the afternoon the fountain shows run every half hour and in the evening visitors can see the beautifully lit show every 15 minutes. All shows are set to music and are subject to good weather conditions – they’ll cancel if there are high winds.


Bellagio Gardens

The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio are an incredibly popular tourist attraction year round. The 100% free exhibit transforms four times a year along with the seasons, and one extra time for the Chinese New Year. There are thousands upon thousands of flowers in this exhibit, all showcased and crafted into astounding visual masterpieces. Don’t forget your camera.


Hard Rock Hotel Lobby

You could call the Hard Rock Hotel Lobby the Little Music Museum of Vegas. The Hard Rock Cafe’s are known for their collectibles, but the hotel takes it a step further. Memorabilia from numerous artists including Nirvana, Elvis, The Rolling Stones, James Brown, Jim Morrison and more adorns the lobby and you can check it out even if you aren’t staying at the hotel!


The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

The Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is home to a massive 15 acre wildlife enclosure. Yes, for real, right in the middle of Las Vegas. Visitors can see fish, turtles and other water creatures as well as pelicans, flamingos and other exotic birds. This adventure, which is basically a zoo, is great for all ages and is definitely a kid pleaser.


Circus Circus’ Circus Acts

If you are NOT afraid of clowns (who are you?) then the Circus Circus free circus show might just be up your alley. There are the ultra-balanced unicyclists, the strong men exhibiting feats of strength, trapeze artists floating through the air, jugglers testing their boundaries and a lot more. Performances begin at 11 am and run throughout the daily, everyday. The games along the midway will cost you, but the entertainment is totally free.


First Friday Block Party

As you might suspect from the name, the First Friday Block Party happens on the first Friday of each month. This event takes place in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District and features local artists showing and selling their work. There are also a ton of awesome bars along the way, so it is a win win!


Falls at Atlantis

Okay, this is one a little weird but fun. Located in the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops there are robots, or what are lovingly referred to as “talking statues.” Here you can enjoy a free animatronic show. The language is a little Shakespearian, but don’t worry if all the rambling doesn’t make any sense – it is all about the visuals. If you do figure out the story line, let us know 😉


Freemont Street

Freemont Street is a bit like walking through Times Square in New York City. A bit. There are HUGE neon signs and street performers and artists lining the street. Family focused during the day but definitely for adults at night, Freemont Street CAN get rowdy in the evenings.


Hand of Faith

The Hand of Faith is a 61 pound golden nugget on display at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas. Believe it or not this is not the World’s LARGEST golden nugget, but it is the largest one found by a metal detector (to date). Whether you have faith or not, this is a big hunk of gold and worth a look while you’re in Sin City.


Popeye The Sailor Man Statue

If you’re heading to Vegas soon, check out this statue by the artist Jeff Koons before it departs for good. Owner Steve Wynn has promised the statue will move to Boston, possibly sometime this year. Currently located along the Esplanade at Wynn Las Vegas, Popeye is an extra colorful and shiny statue holding a spinach can, proudly displaying his bicep while, of course, smoking on his infamous corn cob pipe.

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