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Happy Green Day Nevada!

Green Day Nevada

Were you in line at 12:00 am this morning when Nevada became the 5th state to sell recreationally legal cannabis? Demand is reported to be high at the state’s 44 licensed dispensaries, especially at the 33 or so shops that opened up in Las Vegas, aka Sin City. Extra staff has reportedly been hired specifically to prepare for and meet the high volume of crowds expected to take advantage of the new regulations on this historic day and through the weekend.

What is anticipated to become the largest marijuana market in the country due to Las Vegas being a major national and international tourist destination, was rolled out faster than any of the other recreationally legal sates so far. Over 54 percent of voters voted to support Nevada’s legalization measure last November. The measure originally required sales to begin on Jan 1 2018, but the state’s tax commission adopted regulations to expedite sales to begin today, marking the fastest turnaround from the ballot box to retail sales in the country.

There has been a concerted effort to protect children and anyone under 21 from unintentional ingestion. Emergency regulations were passed 3 days ago, that are to go into effect today: ,

The law in Nevada is that cannabis may be consumed in your home. Consuming on the strip, or anywhere in public is strictly forbidden and may get you a fine up to $600. It is also illegal to consume while driving. There is absolutely no public consumption, but there is the future possibility of public lounges. In the meantime, check out the 420-friendly activities available with Cannabis Tours, where you can lawfully consume cannabis in a social setting.

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