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Top 5 Attractions in San Francisco

San Francisco is home to some of the most recognizable and iconic landmarks and attraction.

When it comes to having as much history, as San Francisco has, it is almost an automatic requirement to visit, and experience, the rich history.

Beginning your journey, should start with the most recognizable landmark.

Enjoying a bowl, and a nice buzz, is a MUST when it comes to exploring the unique historical attraction this city has to offer.

Let’s begin.

1) Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is the most recognizable bridge in the world.

Recognizable from the dozens and dozens of movie appearance. As well as books, video games, TV shows, music, etc.

Being the most popular bridge in the world, the question then becomes.

How many people do you know who have actually smoked; a bowl, blunt, joint, etc., on the Golden Gate Bridge!?

If you LIVE in San Francisco, the answer should be, a LOT. However. If you’re just visiting, then you probably don’t know too many people, from your hometown, who have made the voyage to the west coast, just to blaze on a famous bridge.

That’s reason enough for me!

Get blazed and start clicking the camera.

The Golden Gate Bridge will be the most memorable part of your journey.


2) Lombard Street

This famous street is a must see for first time visitors to San Francisco.

It’s a quick, fun touristy thing to experience while you’re there.

Famous for being steep with hair pin zig zag turns.

Claimed to be the most crooked street in the world.

Light a blunt, and take a quick stroll through world famous history.

Another HIGHLY memorabilia, to remember for years to come.


3) Chinatown

You’ll DEFINITELY get a kick out of this place.

Chinatown, in San Francisco, is the oldest Chinatown, in North America. Also has the LARGEST Chinese community, outside of Asia.

The restaurants, in San Francisco Chinatown, are known to be the original emergence of “Westernized” Chinese cuisine.

Foods, such as, Chop Suey and Dim Sum, were some of the first flavors, of Chinese culture, to gain popularity, and acceptance, in the Western World.

4) Alcatraz Island

Take a boat ride, to Alcatraz Island, and enjoy a self guided audio tour, of one most famous and widely recognized prisons.

Alcatraz is SO much more than “just” a prison, including amazing views, gardens, bird watching, while learning about the interesting history of the island.

There’s also a ferry cruise option to get a unique perspective of the island.


5) Cable Car

San Francisco’s Cable Car System is the world’s LARGEST manually operated cable car system.

Yet another FAMOUS icon that makes San Francisco uniquely distinctive, from all the other big cities of the world.

These old fashion cable cars were first established in 1873 and of the 23, original cable cars, first established, only 3 remain in operation.

Two of them are located downtown, near Union Square, taking you to Fisherman’s Wharf. And the 3rd located on California Street.

Over 20,000 people DAILY take a ride on the historical cable cars. Making for an interesting way to experience the various sites, to see, throughout the city.


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