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Top 5 Breweries in San Francisco

Breweries in San Francisco


Looking for the best beer experience, as you explore the most friendly city in the world?!

Look no further.

Below we have an excellent selection of bars and breweries you MUST try, during your stay in San Francisco

To start.


1) Anchor Brewing Company

Offing a historic beer tour and tasting at America’s first craft brewery.

Founded in 1896, beginning in the early days during the California Gold Rush.

Learn the story of the copper kettle, the brewing process and how it survived prohibition.

They are still brewing some of the beers the first brewed from the beginning.

With reasonably priced beers, this is a unique beer tour you’ll want to get an early start on.


2) Toronado

A popular bar hosting a wide variety of over 40 beers on tap, since the 80’s.

Known to attract some of the largest crowds, in town, giving it a solid name that draws you in and keeps you coming back.

You are guaranteed to find a unique beer that will satisfy the pallet.

Grab a nice buzz at Toronado and enjoy the famous Haight Street that draws the stoner crowd, to enjoy the wide variety of cannabis related shops.



3) Zeitgeist

Full bar, Full kitchen with a BBQ grill.

Zeitgeist gets its name for its award winning memorabilia for being the #1 beer garden in San Francisco.

Hosting a large patio area, out back, for nice outside drinking, with a great beer selection and friendly staff.

Grab one of their famous burgers, a nice cold beer and enjoy the buzz and fun, in the Mission District.



4) The Monk’s Kettle

A fun place to enjoy the friendly friday night vibe.

Great beer & tasty food, cooked to perfection.

The kitchen hosts a “seasonally driven” menu, making their “munchie food,” from scratch, providing its unique contribution to the city.

Their world renowned beer offers a menu of 28 draft beers, 1 unique cask engine ale, and averaging 150 bottled beers.

If you’re looking for a great Belgian beer, this is the place to enjoy their dedicated specialty.


5) Elixir

This bar claims to date all the way back to 1858. Holding onto documented evidence as being the 2nd oldest saloon in the city, with The Old Ship Saloon, being the oldest.

Beautiful vintage decor, upholding its traditional appeal for over 140+ years.

This is the spot where you can truly drink like a local from an excellent selection of old fashion beers.

A great atmosphere, relaxing vibe, and a welcoming environment.

Get a true piece of the city, in its origins, and enjoy some of the best beer in town.



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