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Top 5 Restaurants In San Francisco

Top 5 Restaurants In San Francisco
By: Joe Powers


Spending time in San Francisco is a one of a kind “special” experience. It is a friendly city full of happy people who like to smoke a lot of weed. How casually cannabis is consumed can be quite a culture shock. San Francisco is known for the sweet aroma of marijuana wafting in the wind, and equally important, for the wonderful assortment of eateries that can help ward off the munchies. When those hunger pangs hit, we’ve got some great recommendations! Check out which hunger-solvers we chose to make our list for: The Top 5 Restaurants In San Francisco.


Holy Grill

“Burgers. Fries. Enlightenment” is the slogan at the Holy Grill. Truly a unique restaurant with some of THE best “all natural” burgers I’ve ever tasted, the thick, juicy and the overall high quality flavor was a burger experience I will always remember. Some interesting menu items include; Yoga Sandwich Epiphany Burger Holy Burger Pagan Burger and more. A few more “interestingly” named food items include; Sacrilege Burger Diablo Burger Lucifer (Louisiana hot link grilled onions jalapenos) Voodoo Chili Bowl etc. With unique names with a high quality flavor Holy Grill will be my favorite burger “joint” of all time.

CyBell’s Pizza & Ice Cream

Here is a spot that has the best slice of pizza. I can’t tell you how many times me and my college buddies would get high and make our way to grab a slice from this nice little hole in the wall pizza parlor offering pizza anyway you want it. The best part of this place is that they always have pizza made and ready to eat as soon as you show up. If you’re looking for a good HEFTY slice of New York style pizza in San Francisco, this is the place to be.

Wipeout Bar & Grill

“Eat. Drink. Surf,” another great slogan. A fun “social” experience, the Wipeout Bar & Grill plays host to a wide-open patio outdoor bar and blazing fire pits. Decorated with celebrity signed surfboard art and world famous “inappropriate” beach signs. Serving breakfast lunch and dinner alongside with alcoholic drinks appropriate for all hours of the day. Burgers, tacos, burritos, pizza, seafood, pasta and MUCH more.

Ramen Yamadaya

If you’ve never been to a Ramen Noodle restaurant you’re about to be in for a pleasant surprise. Ramen Noodle restaurants are EXTREMELY popular in Japan and are now beginning to spread like crazy throughout American culture. The founder of Ramen Yamadaya, C.E.O. Jin Yamada, opened up doors for the Asian cuisine because he couldn’t find a good ramen noodle restaurant in L.A. From traveling back and forth from Tokyo every month he knew there were LOTS of great ramen noodle restaurants. Naturally the best way alternative to complaining is to create – And that’s just what he did. He opened the doors and started to expand because of his incredible ability to bring high quality Japanese Ramen Noodles to America. His simple mission of “delivering good ramen to people in the USA” was radically achieved.

House Of Nanking

House of Nanking is so good it has been known to have lines out the door. Where you can observe long lines you can be CERTAIN that you will be partaking in good food. A cozy hole in the wall dinning experience, they have a “way” of convincing you to not look at the menu and to put your “trust” in them with what the best food of the day is.

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