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Top 5 Things To Do In Los Angeles While Stoned


Los Angeles is quite possibly the most EXCITING city in America, if not the world. With more things to do than you could possibly experience in one lifetime, if not two.

You can be certain that you will not run out of exciting new corners of the city to explore and get lost in. What do you do, and how do you begin, an adventure that doesn’t seem to have an end. Well, we have a few ideas you should check out first before trying anything else.


1) Theme Parks

Los Angeles has some of the BEST amusement parks in the world. Any and all theme parks are recommended. If you’re trying to see it all, you might be a little discouraged to know that there is just WAY too much to experience.

Then again. Too much is infinitely better than, not enough. Right? Here are a few amusement parks to consider enjoying your high at: Universal Studios, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Legoland, The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Raging Water, and much more.

If you’re looking for a THRILL, definitely check out Six Flags and Knott’s Berry Farm.


2) Hollywood Boulevard & Sunset Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is an influential cultural icon, that continues to inspire the generations.Home to great shopping, dining, and a well rounded entertainment experience to satisfy all. This is the spot for a great nightlife experience.


3) A Day In LA Tour

Source: A Day In LA Tour

Jump on board the Rasta colored bus and see the city like you’ve never seen it before. Get high, kick back, and enjoy the ride and the sites. After this tour, you’ll REALLY feel like you’ve seen the whole city.


4) The Getty Center


Looking for an experience in art, architecture and performances? The Getty Center is known for its powerful architecture, gorgeous gardens, and the amazing views overlooking Los Angeles. For a nice modern “Zen” experience, this is your spot to experience a variety of breathtaking beauty.

Best part, it’s FREE!


5) Ripley’s Believe It Or Not & Hollywood Wax Museum


Both of these museums will blow your mind. Especially if you show up with a perfect buzz. Ripley’s makes it a point to scour the globe in search of bizarre oddities that make our species question its own existence. Hollywood Wax Museum involves replicas of your favorite celebrities. See your most beloved characters, in their former glory, while you learn some behind the scenes secrets, that didn’t make it to the masses.


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